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Welcome to Nujoom Almarwah Tec, your premier destination for professional paintwork services in Dubai. Our expert team specializes in delivering top-quality interior and exterior painting solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With meticulous surface preparation, precise application techniques, and a wide range of color options, we ensure flawless results that enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of your space. Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or transform your entire property, trust Nujoom Almarwah Tec to provide exceptional paintwork services tailored to your needs and preferences. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and elevate the beauty of your property with our expert painting solutions.


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Outdoor Villa Design

 Redefining luxury outdoor living in Dubai, our bespoke designs blend opulence with functionality, crafting serene gardens and stylish lounges tailored to your lifestyle.

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Indoor Villa Design

Elevate your Dubai home with our sophisticated interior designs, harmonizing luxury finishes and innovative layouts to create inviting living spaces that reflect your unique style.

Majlis Room Design

 Embrace Arabian hospitality in Dubai with our Majlis room designs, blending traditional charm with modern flair to create inviting spaces for gatherings and quiet reflection.

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Baby Room Design

 Nurture your child’s imagination in Dubai with our safe and stimulating baby room designs, featuring whimsical themes and ergonomic layouts tailored to their comfort and well-being.

TV Room Design

Transform your entertainment experience with our Dubai TV room designs, integrating comfort, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology for memorable movie nights and gaming sessions.

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Our professional painting service can transform your home


Over time, worn, faded paintwork can make homes look dull and tired. Our painting service can freshen up the interior of your home, helping it to feel warm, welcoming and a comfortable place to spend time.


It is amazing the difference a new coat of paint can make and with so many colours available, you can let your imagination run wild. From cool, calm tones to vibrant hues, the possibilities to transform your home are endless. Select your desired shade and we will do the rest.


Painting your home helps to protect your walls from daily wear and tear. Our expert team can advise where to use different types of paint to protect high traffic/exposed areas, keeping them looking fresh for longer.

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